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Traversa Overview

College Place Public Schools is excited to announce the new Traversa Ride360; which is available both from a phone app and a website. This tool will allow parents/guardians to see in real time when their child was picked up, where they are on their route to/from school, and when they exit the bus at school or at their stop.  It also will show you the most up to date stop location and time for your child and immediately notify you if there is an issue.

 We strongly encourage parents/guardians to follow the instructions below to download the App.  The app has additional features not available on the website. First, when the route is inactive, the app will provide the student’s scheduled stop time. Once the run is actively running, the time displayed in the app will update based on traffic delays to reflect the actual anticipated arrival time of the bus.

Second, the app enables Transportation to send notifications to students on a particular route. For example, if a route is delayed by any unforeseen issues, Transportation will use the app to send a notification to the riders/ parents.

These features are new to us, and there will certainly be some challenges with implementation so we ask for patience as we try to provide families with more timely information. Most importantly, this app does not change any Transportation practices and we understand that not all families will want to use the app. Our CPPS Transportation Department is committed to the safe transport of all kids, each day to and from our schools.

**If you have issues connecting for the first time from the mobile app, try the web based application.

Contact the Transportation Department for additional information about Traversa RIDE 360

Melito Ramirez, (509) 525-0246

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