Crystal Smith RN, District Nurse 509-525-5110

Crystal Smith RN, District Nurse



The District School Nurse is responsible for the following:

  • Assess student health needs

  • Develop emergency and individual health care plans

  • Train staff for medication administration at school, on field trips and for sports

  • Disseminate student health information to staff

  • Oversee maintenance of student health and immunization records

  • Provide emergency first aid to students and staff

  • Contribute to student IEP plans and attend IEP meetings

  • Work with the Department of Health in the control of communicable diseases

  • Conduct state mandated health screenings

School secretaries and health room assistants support each school and the District Nurse by performing such tasks as:

  • Dispensing medication to students

    • Providing first aid to ill or injured students

    • Documenting health room activity

    • Maintaining immunization compliance