The School Board is composed of five residents of the district who are elected by the voters to represent them in setting policies and directing school programs. Full terms of office are for four years. Decisions of your elected School Board affect our children's education and future, and, in the long run, the well-being of our community, state, and nation. The board of directors is an elected body of community members who are responsible for the direction of the College Place Public Schools. The board is the authority for local school regulations, policy, programs, and procedures while working in the framework of state law. They ensure goals are set to provide long-range planning, that the district’s budget is balanced, legal interests are protected, and that buildings and grounds are maintained. It is through this long-range planning that the board imbues the educational goals and values of the local community into school policy. The Superintendent reports directly to the board of directors and he/she is responsible to ensure that all policies are implemented within the district.


We welcome your comments and questions during the time set aside in the meeting for public comment. Should you wish to speak, we ask that you provide your name and address, so we can follow up with you if necessary. If you have questions for the board you can contact them at board@cpps.org