Vision Statement
Focusing on kids and their learning.

Mission Statement
As a College Place graduate, I will distinguish myself by communicating, leading, learning and serving with integrity. I am driven by a lifelong commitment of respect of others, the community, and myself.

College Place Public School District Guiding Principles:

  • All students have positive, personalized relationships where they feel connected, valued and inspired to learn and contribute.
  • Responsive, learner-centered environments that engage and rigorously challenge each student.
  • Students are connected to their community through real-life learning experiences, mentorships and adult advocacy.
  • All students learn through relevant, project-based, and collaborative experiences.

A Little Bit of History
In 1842, Presbyterian missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman established one of the first schools in the old Oregon Territory at their Whitman Mission, which is located within the boundaries of College Place Public Schools.

The name John Sager Middle School was chosen as the result of a student contest that took place in 1965, shortly after the school was built. Student Marsha Follett's submission, John Sager, was a popular choice. The School Board officially adopted the name on April 15, 1965 and the colors chosen for Sager were blue and gold. It was stated at the time that, "John Sager's courage, intelligence and character represented what all student body members can hope to achieve while enrolled in his namesake, John Sager Middle School."

John Sager and his five sisters and a brother were left orphans when their parents, Henry and Naomi Sager, died on the way to Oregon from Missouri while traveling by covered wagon on the Oregon Trail. On October 17, 1844, the Sager children arrived at the Whitman's Mission. John, the oldest, was 14. Eventually, Marcus and Narcissa Whitman adopted all seven children. John, his brother Francis, and Dr. and Mrs. Whitman, along with nine others were killed during a Cayuse Indian raid on November 29, 1847. News of the massacre caused the U.S. Congress to pass a bill in August 1848 that officially created the Territory of Oregon.

In the late 1950's some thirteen acres that surround Sager Middle School were purchased in the hopes of someday building a high school. John Sager Middle School first opened in 1964. The Sager library was built in 1969. In 2012 a bond was passed to build the high school. In 2013, students voted in the Eagle as the official Sager Raider mascot. The original Sager buildings, except the gym, were demolished to make way for the construction of College Place High School