​Sager Launches Homwork Lab
​Sager Launches Homwork Lab
Heidi Wells
Thursday, October 05, 2017

What is the Goal of the Homework Lab? 

Provide a safe place for students

·      to get caught up on missing work, assignments, or assessments

·      to redo assignments or assessments as directed by the teacher to show proficiency of a classroom target or standard

·      to receive tutoring for better understanding of an assignment or a target

·      to independently read or work on present assignments

Who attends the Homework Lab?

Students will be assigned if they

·      Fall behind 3 or more assignments in any one class

·      Are receiving a ‘D’ or ‘F’ in a class

Students can attended if they

·      Sign up voluntarily or by parents request

Attendance will be taken:

·      Whether assigned or volunteered students are expected to attend

·      Students need to attend for the entire week

·      Parents will be notified if a student is absent

·      An absence can be treated as a truancy with progressive discipline

How do I know if a student is assigned to the Homework Lab?

·      Parents will receive a phone call or email the week before being assigned

When is the Homework Lab?

·      Four days a week- Monday thru Thursday

·      not on Fridays or early dismissal days

·      3:05pm until 4:00pm

Where is the Homework Lab?

·      Sager Middle School Room 141 and other rooms as needed

Who is supervising the Homework Lab?

·      Sager Middle School teachers and para-educators

·      GearUp academic advisors and tutors

What should a student bring to the Homework Lab?

·      All necessary school supplies to be successful

·      An independent reading book or AR book

What if a student gets caught up on their work before the week starts or after one or two days of attending the Homework Lab?

·      Students will still need to attend the whole week to help ensure they do not fall behind again

How does a student voluntarily attend the Homework Lab? 

·      Each week the student can register for the following week on a posted sign-up sheet at the office

·      Parents can call the middle school and ask that their student be assigned to the Homework Lab

·      Students must attend all four days even as a volunteer

What happens if a student is not prepared for or misbehaves in the Homework Lab? 

·      All classroom/school rules and expectations will be followed

·      Students are subject to school disciplinary procedures with office referrals

What if a student is involved in school extra-curricular activities and needs the Homework Lab?

·      Students involved in extra-curricular activities will be excused from the Homework Lab at 3:30 to attend practice or home event

·      Students athletes will be excused to attend away events at the appropriate time to travel

How does a student get home after the Homework Lab? 

·      School transportation will be provided to bus stops in the district

·      Arrival time home will vary weekly with the number of attendees

·      Students may walk home with parent permission

·      Students can be picked up in front of the Sager Middle entrance

 Can a student bring a snack to the Homework Lab? 

·      The school will provide a small snack for students

·      A student may bring an additional snack if they wish 

Questions? Please contact Sager at 509-525-5300