Cindy Fish
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Currently our 7th and 8th grade Highly Capable class has been preparing for a long term problem solving competition called Destination Imagination. We have four teams attending the regional competition, March 4th, in Tri Cities. 

We have one team solving a theater challenge called, “Vanished,” in which they portray how the world would react when a color goes missing. Another team is solving a scientific challenge entitled, “Top Secret,” in which they have to incorporate cryptography in a spy themed skit (also includes a team created spy gadget). Our third team is completing an engineering challenge called, “In it Together,” in which they must build a structure out of basal wood that fits together and holds as much weight as possible. Our last team is doing an improvisational challenge called, “3-Peat.” They have to research different stock characters and genres, and then at competition create three distinct skits in 9 minutes using their research (all on the spot!!).

Students have worked hard on backdrops, skits, costumes and side projects. Wish them well at competition coming soon.