Link: The 2021-2022 College Place High School School Profile

College Place High School is a four year comprehensive high school focused on striving to do school different.  

We have set our sights high to create an environment that will not only teach kids but inspire them to be lifelong learners.

We believe this comes to fruition by hiring the right teachers. Teachers who recognize that students learn in more ways than one and they embrace teaching that is outside the box of traditional education. Teachers who believe that project based learning (PBL) connects learning to relevance in the world around us. Teachers who are flexible, creative and purpose driven. Teachers who act and care for each other like a family. Teachers who believe that the success of our students is to graduate with a solid "fifth" year plan and are productive citizens in a global economy. But most importantly, teachers who love to mentor and care for the students in our community.

College Place High School is driven by the CPPS Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles.

Vision Statement
Focusing on kids and their learning.

Mission Statement
As a College Place graduate, I will distinguish myself by communicating, leading, learning and serving with integrity. I am driven by a lifelong commitment of respect of others, the community, and myself.

Guiding Principles
1) All Students have a positive, personalized relationships where they feel connected, valued and inspired to learn and contribute.
2) Responsive, learner-centered environments engage and rigorously challenge each student. 
3) Students are connected to their community through real-life experiences, mentorships and adult advocacy.
4) All students learn though relevant, project-based and collaborative experiences.

Five Pillars of Character:

Leadership Development - The teaching of leadership qualities, including communication, ability to motivate others, and management.
Selflessness in Service of Others - Is the service performed for others without any expectation of result or reward for the person performing it.
Team/Togetherness -People linked in a common purpose.
Disciplined Life - Showing a controlled form of behavior or way of working.
Integrity - The quality of being honest, fair and having strong moral principles.

Fast Facts

Projected Full Capacity Enrollment: 525

Building Capacity: 525

Mascot: Hawks

School Colors: Navy & Orange

Overall Site Area: 35 Acres

Overall Building Area: 98,700 Square Feet