Welcome to KinderCamp! (August 30th or 31st)

At KinderCamp, your son/daughter will enjoy a fun and interactive, half-day, ‘camp-like’ experience where they will meet new friends, enjoy some great activities, and learn to become Davis Dragons: all before they are assigned their classroom teachers. Students registered before August 13th will receive a special postcard from our mascot, Blaze the Dragon, over the summer, confirming his/her KinderCamp Day (Group A or B). Any students registering after this date should call the main office at (509) 525-5110 to confirm his/her assigned KinderCamp Day.

 During this special day, your child will get to meet and work with every member of the Kindergarten teaching team, and in turn, each member of the team will get to know your child. Our team will then assemble the class rosters in a way that we believe will best meet the unique needs of every new Dragon. 

 Once your child is placed, a member of our team will call you and personally welcome you and your child to their Kindergarten classroom! Your child’s teacher will then work with you to schedule a 20-30min Family Conference time to learn more about you and your child on either Wednesday, Sept. 1st or Thursday, Sept. 2nd. This conference may be completed in-person or virtually, depending on what works best for you. We understand the turnaround for scheduling these conferences will be quick, and in the event that either of these days will not work for your family, an alternate date may be agreed upon for the conference.

 Finally, on Tuesday, September 7th, your child will return to Davis to start his/her first traditional day of school; with his/her own classroom teacher, and on a regular, full-day schedule! 

 We couldn’t be more excited to have your family here at Davis Elementary! On the reverse of this letter, you will find an outline of important dates to remember and plan for, as well as pictures of our current Kinder Team!. Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education at College Place Public Schools!

KinderCamp Logistics

Dates To Know

August 30th:                              KinderCamp Day Group A* --- 8:30am to 12:10pm

August 31st:                               KinderCamp Day Group B* --- 8:30am to 12:10pm

*Your child will only attend ONE of these days. Call the main office if you need clarification.

 September 1st:                         Family Conferencing Day (No School for Kindergarteners)

                                                Specific Times TBD – Will be contacted by teacher once your child is placed in a class.

 September 2nd:                       Family Conferencing Day (No School for Kindergarteners)

                                                 Specific Times TBD – Will be contacted by teacher once your child is placed in a class.

 September 7th:                         Dragon Day: 1st Full-Day with Kindergarten Teacher & Class

                                                Full Day (8:00am - 2:40pm)


While KinderCamp is technically your child's first day of school, it will be the ONLY day this week that he/she attends, and your child will not yet have a specific teacher assigned to them. Please wait to send school materials until September 7th, when your child attends his/her assigned classroom for the first time!

Your child will also not need his/her backpack until September 7th.

Your child will eat lunch at school, and he/she is welcome to either take a school-lunch or to bring a lunch of their own. In the event that your child brings a lunch from home, we will have a space for them to keep their lunch until it is needed at lunch.


Please plan to arrive between 8:15 & 8:20am on your KinderCamp day! This is also the first day of school for the rest of the campus, and the school will be busy with the arrival of the rest of the school prior to this time-frame.

Plan to enter from the West Entrance of Dragon Drive off of Ash St. (Dragon Dr. is not a real road; it is what we say to refer to the long driveway that spans the length of the school on the north side of the building). A staff member will be stationed at the beginning of Dragon Drive to provide more information about parent drop-off & pick-up, as well as where to park if you are planning to walk your child to class.

If you are planning to drop your child off (and not walk them to the building), you will be directed to pull over to the right of the drive to drop your child off. If you are planning to walk your child to the building, you will be directed to park in the Upper Lot, where you may park your car and walk your child to the building.

We will have a welcome table at the West Entrance of the building (at the sidewalk between the main building and portables) where students will check-in and get their nametag for the day. They may also get a 1st Day of School Instant Photo with Blaze the Dragon (optional). Staff will then help students enter the building and find their first station for KinderCamp.

Due to COVID regulations, masks are currently mandatory for ALL INDIVIDUALS entering the building, regardless of vaccination status. We will have disposable, child-size masks available, daily, for any students in need of them. At this time, parents will only be able to walk students as far as the check-in table; please make sure that your child knows you may not be able to walk them all the way into the building.


Please plan to arrive at 12:10pm to pick up your child from KinderCamp. You may either enter Dragon Drive and park along the right side of the drive to wait for your child to be dismissed, or, if you wish to exit your vehicle, please plan to park in the Upper Lot and walk down to pickup your child. We will have staff in the parking lots to help direct families where to go. Students will be dismissing near where drop-off occurred, near the West Entrance of the building.


If you are unsure of any details of KinderCamp, please email our Assistant Principal, Mr. Plucker, at cplucker@cpps.org or call the main office at (509) 525-5110