is about Kindness, Courtesy, and Respect.


is about Truth and Character.


is about Ownership and Safety.


is about Participation and Positivity.

Our Dragons are Fire Breathers!

At Davis Elementary, we say, "All Dragons Breathe Fire". This means all students are expected to demonstrate the ideals of 'Friendliness', 'Integrity', 'Responsibility', and 'Engagement' while at school. These four ideals are the foundation of our school-wide expectations and 'teach-tos' for character development.

Each ideal is defined by a school-wide expectation, written in the form of a simple statement, which includes words that make up critical attributes of the ideal as well:

School-Wide Expectation #1: Friendliness

"We are kind, courteous, and respectful to others with our words and bodies."

Critical Attributes of Friendliness: Kindness, Courtesy, and Respect.

School-Wide Expectation #2: Integrity

"We speak truth and strive to be people of character."

Critical Attributes of Integrity: Truth and Character.

School-Wide Expectation # 3: Responsibility

"We own what we do and say; we look out for the safety of ourselves and others."

Critical Attributes of Responsibility: Ownership and Safety.

School-Wide Expectation #4: Engagement

"We participate positively in our school and community."

Critical Attributes of Engagement: Participation and Positivity/Attitude.