Enrollment & Registration

Students in the College Place School District may register year-round at their attendance school or the District Office. The CPPS District boundary map detailing your attendance area is available at all College Place Public Schools, the District Office and online at cpps.org. The District area is based on your street address.

If you are a student who has been identified under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Act or think you may qualify for this program, please contact our District Homeless Liaison Blake Limburg at 509-525-5110 or blimburg@cpps.org

What documents do you need to register your student?

Elementary School
Documentation of Age (Birth Certificate, an entry in a family bible, an adoption record, an affidavit from a parent, previously verified school records, or any other documents permitted by law.)
List of immunizations
Proof of residency 

Secondary Schools
List of immunizations
Withdrawal sheet or report card and records from the previous school

Students entering kindergarten must be five years old on or before August 31. Prospective kindergartners should register at Davis Elementary School. Registration is typically the First week of April.  For more information, please contact Davis Elementary at 509-525-5110. In order to register your child for Kindergarten you will need the following:

  • A boy or girl who is five years old on or before August  31
  • Your child's birth certificate
  • Kindergarten Packet
  • Required health information including immunization history
  • Two emergency contacts including name, address and phone number

Is your child ready for Kindergarten?
All incoming kindergartners in the College Place Public Schools are assessed on the following skills when they start school:

  • Upper Case Letter Recognition
  • Lower Case Letter Recognition
  • Consonant Sound Recognition
  • Rhyming Recognition
  • Rhyming Production 
  • Syllable Blending
  • Syllable Segmentation 
  • Initial Sound Recognition 
  • Initial, medial and Final Sound Production 

Choice Enrollment
Choice Enrollment is currently open in the College Place School District. Those students wishing to enroll in the College Place School District must follow the following process to be considered for enrollment in the 201-2017 school year. 

The student must be released from their current district via their enrollment OUT process, Once the student has that paperwork signed by their current district, they need to come to the College Place School District or the individual school to provide documentation of release and to fill out the enrollment paperwork INTO our District.

We will determine placement on a first come first serve basis, meaning your student's placement largely depends on the earliest date stamp for their enrollment INTO the District paperwork. So we ask that you complete this process as soon as possible. Students from outside of our district who have been attending school in the College Place School District will be given first priority. If you have any questions regarding Choice Enrollment, please contact Kerri Ramirez at the District office