School Board Appoints Troy Fitzgerald for Position 1

The College Place School Board appointed Troy Fitzgerald on Tuesday, April 28 at the regularly scheduled School Board Meeting.  

Raised in the Silicon Valley in California. In the last 22 years in the Walla Walla Valley he has earned a PhD, served with several community organizations, coached, taught, and served on the school board of College Place Public Schools for several years. He is a consultant for leadership, community development, and fostering mentorship programs in schools and communities. He has written 12 books, curriculum for schools and churches, and has been a sought out public speaker around the world.  He enjoys a kind family, friends, and outdoor activities, especially sports. But most of all, he loves his wife, Julia (who is a high school teacher), and his two sons, Cameron and Morgan. 

We want to welcome back Mr. Fitzgerald to the School Board.