List of Issues Addressed by CPPS

Native Languages Spoken in School Hallways Without Consequence
Students in the District are allowed to speak their native language without consequence during social times at school so long as the conversation is respectful and does not compromise school safety.

Latino Club at CPHS
Clubs are allowed at CPHS according to Board Policy and Procedure 2153 Non-curriculum-related student groups. Both the Policy and Procedure are posted on the District and College Place High School Website. Questions should be directed to building Principal. 

Board Policies in Question
Board Policy 4210 – Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises was brought before the Board of Directors for discussion at the June 26, 2018, School Board Meeting. Recommended changes to Policy 4210 and has been approved as of the July 24 Board Meeting. The new policy can be reviewed at cpps.org.

Student Handbook Translated into Spanish
The College Place High School Handbook Spanish version has been translated for the 18-19 school year. Handbooks have been created and translated for all schools. They have been given to students the first week of school and can be found on the website at cpps.org.

Equity in Athletics
The District will continue to follow Board Policy and Procedure 3210 Non-discrimination. It has also been brought to the Athletic Department’s attention and they will make every effort to ensure equality across all sports.

Wearing of Rosaries and Culturally Significant Items
Items of cultural significance will be allowed for students to wear as long as there is no disruption in the educational process and do not pose a safety issue.

Parent, Student, Community Meetings
The District hired Dr. Bill Jordan, of West Coast Consulting to moderate 3 meetings over the summer. The meetings were held June 28, July 25 and August 15. The work for this group has concluded.

Cultural Responsiveness Training and Instruction
The District Administrative team (superintendent, principals, assistant principals and directors of programs) attended a Culturally Responsive Training session on Friday, June 29, 2018. The training was led by the Educational Services District 123 out of Pasco, WA. The District has a plan to continue Culturally Responsive Instruction Training throughout this year and beyond with the ESD 123.

Fairness in Dress Code Infractions
Superintendent Payne has communicated to all staff that that fairness, respect, and dignity with our students and each other is of the utmost importance.

Hiring 3rd Party Independent Consultant to Investigate Allegations
CPPS hired Dan Beebe to independently investigate.

More Bilingual Staff at CPPS
College Place School District uses this as a top priority in hiring, however, when looking for bi-literate applicants, we will hire the best candidate for the position. College Place Public Schools uses the guidelines set forth by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. Our policy can be found at CPPS.org.

Advisory Groups
The District is in the planning phase of creating student, parent and community advisory groups in each building and for the Superintendent.

Hiring Practices
College Place School District continues to improve and update its hiring practices. The District is an equal opportunity employer and as such does not discriminate. The District will provide hiring personnel training on what an “equal opportunity employer” looks and acts like.

2017 Veterans Day Speaker at the High School
While it was unfortunate that the speaker in question took liberties that were not supported by the District, the District will work more diligently on the frontend vetting and understanding a speaker’s content and communicating the District’s standards and policies.

High School Culture
The last several months have provided the high school administration a chance to reflect on the culture of the building. More specifically, the investigation process and resulting report allowed for deep reflection and a commitment to positive change. Mr. Jameson, High School Principal, commented, “Mr. Beebe’s report has allowed me to recognize areas where I can grow and improve for the development and success of our high school and serving all kids.” Plans and processes are already underway to begin the process of building a more positive high school culture for all involved.

College Place School District understands and takes seriously the safety of our students while at school or in transit on District provided transportation. The District is committed to providing ongoing training for our drivers that will address the concerns in the report

If you have any questions or comments, pelase contact Superintendent Tim Payne. He can be reached at tpayne@cpps.org or 509-525-4827.