Doing School Differently 

In 2006, it became our goal to improve the educational experience of College Place students by passing a bond to upgrade the existing educational facilities and build a brand new high school. But what we really set out to do was create a better generation.

Education needed to change. The existing system doesn't work. Building new schools gave us the freedom to see how we could do school differently. We imagined walls removed to fuel collaboration to create spaces that were flexible yet functional. We saw students using their hands—learning through trial and error under the direction of teachers who possess real world experience and knowledge. And we saw innovative and rigorous learning environments with community and business involvement.

The need for students to leave our schools prepared for the rapidly changing world inspired us to encourage and teach attributes like curiosity, discovery, advocacy, initiative, questioning, and entrepreneurship.

We hired teachers of character who kids love and whom they have a love for the craft of teaching. We started unique programs like Studio 57 allowing seniors to deep dive in their passion before leaving high school by using the Stanford IDEO Model. We are redefining how we grade using a Standards Based Education Model where parents can better understand their child's learning and abilities in a more holistic view. Where we don't preach but rather practice the Guiding Principles and 5 Pillars of Character. All to create students who are productive citizens for our ever changing world. 

College Place Public Schools 
Focusing on Kids and Their Learning